10-15 hverdage Linak deskpanel model DPG1C with Bluetooth and memory

This is Linak's top model in terms of control panels for desks.

With this panel, you can:

Adjust the desk height up and down.

Control it via Bluetooth.

Recieve a prompt/notification through PP/Bluetooth that it's time to change the desk height, for example, to stand.

The Bluetooth feature requires a relatively new control box. The older generation, starting with CBD4, only supports Bluetooth if it has specific software versions. If you have a CBD4 control box, ensure that it has an SW number that looks like this:

SW 77432

SW 77474

If you have a control box starting with CBD6, Bluetooth always works.

Discover the innovative Linak DPG1C desk panel, the pinnacle of ergonomic control. Equipped with Bluetooth technology and memory presets, this advanced desk panel offers seamless adjustments for personalized comfort. Compatible with a range of ergonomic furniture, the DPG1C ensures effortless transitions and user-friendly controls. Elevate your workspace with tailored ergonomics, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and programmable memory, providing a modern, convenient, and ergonomic work environment. Experience optimal comfort and productivity with the cutting-edge Linak DPG1C desk panel


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Linak deskpanel model DPG1C with Bluetooth and memory

  • Brand: Linak
  • Model: IC04869
  • Levering: 10-15 hverdage
  • 695 DKK

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